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9:06 am
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crap, i think i'm getting nervous about spm.... All because i read other ppl's blogs abt them sitting for spm and i now, i'm very worried. They all seem so brilliant. Is that what you must be to get all A1s' in SPM? A lot of people will say that SPM is not everything, there is a life after spm... i know all that. But it matters a lot to me cause i have a too big ego... hahaha... for those who didn't know, i'm quite a proud person. I'm scared if i get terrible marks in spm, it'll spoil my confidence that i have finally attained for myself. All this years my marks aren't really that bad... but what if everything goes wrong during spm? What if i'm not as smart as what i think and other people think? My parents, me aunties, my friends, everybody is expecting me to do well for spm. Argh.... i feel like dying. I cannot even study for the freaking kimia kuiz tomorrow.... and my english still sucks like shit. I think even my bm is better than my english. My english is pathetic, and my spelling sucks. I think even a preschooler will do better in spelling than me. And i'm suppose to be the one that reads the most storybooks compared to my elder bro. And yet, my english marks are terrible. What will I get for my 1119?
What will I get? I'm so scared of the future. It's so uncertain and i'm so afraid to disappoint my parents.......

and myself