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4:15 pm
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Recently, the government has taken a step to improve their public transport service by changing the old ragged Putraline bus to the new and shiny RapidKL buses. They increased the number of buses and added more routes to the old system. Hooray to the government for that.
the buses still come infrequently as ever, bus drivers still drive like maniacs, people are still forced to be squashed like sardines in a can (it's quite common for the drivers to exceed the max number of people allowed to stand/sit. Usually they will shout " Masuk lagi! Masuk lagi!! Banyak tempat dekat belakang bus!! "

Anyway, today i went to 1 Utama. But i was so dumb cause i waited for 30 mins at the wrong bus stop... So ended up waiting altogether 3 hours just to get to 1Utama... hahahha (no thanks to the hourly shutter bus to 1u) I've decided to compile my street knowledge to share with anyone who wants to know how to get to places by public transport!)

Basic: Going to train stations
Take a bus (no 99, 66, 900B) from anywhere in subang jaya to go to carrefour. The KTM station will be just behind the hypermarket!

1. Take a 900B bus from the Sri KL school bus stop or any bus stop along that road to get to kelana Jaya LRT station
2. Take the KTM to KL Sentral
3. Take a KL bound bus to KL Sentral

Shopping malls:
Pyramid: Very easy. Just take a bus (99,66, 900B, NO 13, ) from the SJMC bus station or anyone along that road
Summit: same as above. Only take the no 66 bus (i think so)
KLCC: Take the lrt to KLCC station
1 Utama: Head to Kelana Jaya lrt station and take a FREE shuttle bus from that (be warned! it's an hourly bus so plan your trip well)
The Curve: same as above
Mid valley: Take the KTM to KLSentral then transit to the other KTM line to their Midvalley station OR Take a no13 bus from the metropolitan/sunway pyramid bus stop
Times Square/Sungai way/ Lowyat: Take KTM to KL Sentral and transit to the monorail there. Go to their Hang Tuah station (i think)

NO 13 bus is a KL Bound bus. Permata Kiara buses are mostly KL Bound too
The RapidKL bus (900B) comes around every 20 mins or so. Goes to Kelana Jaya and areas around Pyramid and Subang
Going to the hypermedia library in Taipan: Take a no 66 bus

If you're lazy, take a cab and go anywhere you want. Or go drive a car!