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after reading a few classmate's blog (well... they don't know that i read it cause i googled their name and hey voila their names got results! Sorry if you think i'm stalking you or something (is this considered as stalking??))
Anyway, lots of my friend's entries are mostly very angst in other words, EMO. (emo= emotional, for those not used to our Malaysian sms chat)

Anyway, some of them were complaining about how the "popular" girls at school will treat some ppl like gods and the "nerdos" like dirt. I dunno, call me naive but i don't think there is much of distinction if a girl is popular or unpopular. Girls here are not like the type you see in Mean Girls or Lizzie Mcguire (i know i spelt that wrongly, who cares) Girls here are much much more mild. Teasing is the most they would go to (unless you step on their toes first then maybe you'll at the receiving end of a string of f-words and behind-your-back complaining. But other than that, most of us are of equal level. Everybody studies like mad for SPM, everybody does their own work, nobody purposely do bitchy things like setting your books in fire or push you aside if you walk across their path. So, things are quite peaceful here (which is boring).
Another day to study for kuiz kimia and another 2 weeks before Mid Year exams... yay.......................................... *breaks down and cry* TT_TT

Oya, going to take my undang-undang after mid year during june holidays. Maybe i'll take my driving lisence after my birthday. (july exams should be between july17 to july21 or something like that) So if i take it after that, 10 hours of driving maybe can be divided between 2 weeks. So if each is 2 hours, then maybe can go every sat and mon and one thurs. Hooray!