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laziness... it's contagious
5:10 am
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I had unofficially one week of holiday :)
Why? Cause i didn't go for any of the sport day events held by my school and i skipped Mon and Fri :)
Now it's already Sun so I have to go back to school tomorrow... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now i feel so lazy doing my mountain pile of homework!!! (i got kimia laporan, add maths stuff, add maths tuition homework...)
Anyway, nearly done with bab Asid dan bes. Got 3 more chapters to go (including termokimia for my mid year exam) and damn... got about 2 weeks + to go before mid year exam. Still haven't studied sej, bio, a math, math, moral, bm, eng, physics..................... dielah
I remember struggling to even remember everything for history form 4 syllabus. Now i have to remember form 4 + 5 chapters of form 5. Gah.... physics also the same... i really had no time last year. Going to school also had to study the last chapter.

Crap... i better speed up my studying
Hopefully i'll finish kimia and start sej by this week. Hopefully finish sej when exams comes. WHY CAN'T THE EXAMS BE AFTER THE HOLIDAYS?????