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kuiz kimia.... sux
8:12 am
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So, finally the stupid kuiz kimia came. And we lost.
Dumbness.... i'm not really that surprised that we lost but i can't get over the fact that i lost to steph and evonne (both got same marks.... 23/40) by 4 freaking marks (worst thing is that the teacher read my marks as 17 only... i counted later and it was 19) And also the fact that i (and steph and evonne ) can't even get above 25.... so memalukan only. I wish i wasn't chosen then i can spare myself of the pain and misery. Sux sux sux sux.... i did so many careless mistakes too (as usual). I hate me. Both evonne and steph didn't study too... i studied and finish off last. GAH!!!!
Feel so lifeless... I got no semangat after that. Laugh also like half dead and so fake. Yeesh....last year our school won the kumpulan and individu categories somemore.....