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Class photo!
4:14 am
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Class photo taking day= total disaster
I think i may have screamed my voicebox out of my throat! 5 Adil is a class full of rebellious teens so it was my mistake to try to get them to organise.
Anyway, got some pathetic, great, lame, cool, blur, sharp photos of the class. I really love the tribal dance thing the guys did! Sakthi was so blurr tho, he kept messing up the steps (there were only 8 steps actually...christal was like "It's only 8 steps lah!!!") BTW, Aliah brought a videocam (that's why they did the whole dance thing)
We did a heart shape pattern at the field too... I wonder where to include it in the Senior Pages layout?
The guys were really enthusiastic about the whole photoshoot (xcept for xia xun for some unknown reason) They made really crazy poses which made us all roll in laughter!! They even had Nicholas pose with the girls holding a broom (pimp stick?)
In the end, as a consolation to losing my voice and energy, we had loads of fun and aching sides.
The 5 baktians were a tad more crazy then us. They climbed the scaffold to the top of the dewan... Luckily the whole thing didn't fall (but they won't be able to use the pictures anyway because Pn Tan (in charge of the mag) said she'll scan thru the pages before publishing it)

Next monday i'll have to collect all the pictures from other classmates cause my poor camera had no more bateries halfway thru the photoshoot. Ah... very mah fan loh... Have to collect from more then 3 ppl.

Here are some of the pictures:

Tribal dance!

5 Adil caged up

Corridor shot (sorry to those faces that can't be seen!!)

Girls.... the driving force of 5 adil!
(guys are the jokers. The ones that makes our side ache with laughter)