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Happy Chinese New Year!!
3:53 pm
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Well... after so long i've returned from my long slumber....
not actually slumber. I've been really busy since school reopen. I got my tuition stuff settled (taking add math, acc, bm) resulting in 4 days of tuition for me T_T. I really am scared of spm now. I know so little of accounts and my add maths sux. My english spelling is still in shambles and my essays are so monotonous and unimaginative. I am envious of my sister who has a natural flair for writing. She writes so naturally, reading her essays is like reading some famous author's novel. Her style of writing os just fantastic. And she was younger then me when she became a freelance writer for the Jaring Interenet magazine.

Sucks to have a sister who outshine you so much. My sister is in Harvard, can play the piano (well... used to) , can still draw better than most, has great writing skills and she looks much better than me (much much much)
Basically better than me in hundred and one ways. Which is utterly frusfrating.


Found out what's wrong with my add maths also. I rush doing the equations leading me to do stupid careless mistakes. Keep forgetting the formulas and changing (-) --> (+). Accounts.... i have to really polish my form 4 sylabbus cause of the objective part.

And i have 9 more months to SPM.

Happy Chinese New Year ;(