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2006 is here!!!
5:46 pm
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I'm not really excited though... damn SPM...
Only less then a day more to school. And i haven't gotten ready my bag and study form 4 chapters finish...T_T
have to start studying when school reopens.

yesterday was my last day at work. Hun Chee actually wanted me to ganti her to work today but i rejected her offer since my school stuff isn't ready also...'
Hope she does ok though...
Didn't get a chance to say goodbye to auntie since she wasn't anywhere when i left. Ana didn't seem to know that it was my last day. Anyway, i'll be seeing them again when i bring my uniform and collect my pay cheques :)
Going to miss all of you!!! (ignore my previous post's comment :P)

Wish all of you all a happy happy new year!
Ana- hope you get your full time job!

amanda- g luck with your new job!

hun chee- hope your studies goes well!

wan- hope i won't be seeing you working there after cny (:D)! A better job and pay in the new year!

auntie- good tidings and health to you!

Chee Hong and Le tau- Good Spm results! Smile when you get them (hopefully!)

1. Study 2 hours a day!!!! (finish form 4 sylabbus with or without the teachers' help by the 2nd week of jan)
2. Do a better job for bm and bi oral
3. eat less (makan too many breads in one year already)
4. drawing, japanese and piano! nvr give up the passion!
5. Learn chinese after spm.... (learnt my lesson :P)