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2:26 am
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The damn BS manager AGAIN change my schedule. I feel quite pissed cause that is the third time she changed it. And woo hoo i get shorter hours and have to work till midnight. Did she ask me if i could make it? Noooooo..... she just when ahead and did it because she actually tried her BEST to convince another parttimer to continue working here till end of this week. And guess what.... he gets like..... nearly 56 hours of pay. Damn the pilih kasih manager. I always thought the manager sort of dislike me and i have prove myself right. She talks to the other ppl normally (like talking to them abt her life, jokes (cakap kosong)) But she only speaks to me when she have to.
"Sook Cheng go mop the floor after this"
"Afterwards you go refill the buns"
And I hate it when i'm working as a packer and she's the cashier cause she got some kind of a hearing problem and make that fedup noise when she punch in wrongly (which is not my fault).
Gah.... the more i write, the more i dislike her.

I admit, I'm not good at talking to ppl, making new friends, stuff like that. I am anti social. But when i first meet ppl I usually do the usual stuff. Smile, introduce myself. I also say goodbye and hello to all my coworkers. So what is the manager's problem with me?
I have sum it up in a list of possibilities.
1. I cannot speak chinese (hmm... she is chinese-edu)
2. I have a doctor as a father (maybe she dislike doctors with a burning passion)
3. I do not kiss her butt, buttkissing (she likes flattery)
4. I am quiet (maybe she is one of the quiet types last time so she still feel a bit awkward to approach me. (hmm... but she's like nearly 50 yrs old)
5. I look like her arch enemy in mahjong games. (maybe the hairstyle, glasses, big nose?)

wth. i'll not be seeing her in another 2 weeks. I won't be missing her... AT ALL. But i'll miss Wan, Ana and Amanda (only). Hahahaha... i'm evil.

another week to go before school reopens. Must go buy textbook. make sure my uniform is in check (oh no.... baju kurung butang !_!), wipe the dust off my school bag and go find my reference book. Tuition starting also..