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Pay day!!!!
6:08 pm
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Yay! I got my first paycheque today! My own cheque!!!! My name written on it!. And I'm going to get my own bank acc!!! HOORAY!!!
I around 200+ for 2 weeks work. Which is quite ok compared with what i got last holiday. But the next pay won't be alot for 4 weeks work cause i'm working less hours T-T Auntie!!! I want more $$$
Anyway, blogger is pretty slow this days. Which they could speed up their site..

Things i must do before the holidays end:
1: Bank in cheque
2: Open bank account
3: Go get next year's textbook
4: Read last chap for kim and sej. 1st chap of form 5 bio

I have it roughly planned.... Tomorrow is my off day, so tomorrow i'll try to open bank acc and bank in cheque. Will read max half of joy luck club (i have to stop my self from reading too much...:P)
And hopefully, will read half of last chap for kim. Yay!

Then on sat, morn shift, i'll go to school to pick up booklist when i come home (must remember to bring proper clothes!!!) And on sun i'll go to the clinic to hunt for my bro's text books. And finish reading last chap of kimia :P

Handphones are expensive to keep... i just reloaded rm10 into my celcom 2 days ago and i'm left with rm4.50 this morn. I wonder how much celcom charge per sms??