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4:08 pm
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Hahaha... last post i said i wanted to do this and that.... Well i did none of those! Tomorrow i must open a bank account though. I did finish reading Joy Luck Club though (fun book to read!)
School books have a bad aura around them. I "tried" reading my kimia book but in the end, my mind wandered so far away, i had a bit of trouble coming back. And when i did, I got a headache trying to remember previous chapters (this chapter requires you to understand the previous ones first) and in the end, i didn't read more than 2 points :P
Same goes for bio. Wanted to read the 1st chapter of form 5 but ended up watching tv.

Another thing is that i was wondering if i should drop accounts. I can understand accounts quite easily but my tuition kinda sucks. Maybe i should go to the same tuition my friends go to....

I have to take:
a) bm
b) accounts
c) add maths
tuition next year. Zettai desu!!!
Maybe have to take:
a) physics
b) kimia
c) Mandarin classes (hahahhaa... and i shall be master in mandarin (not))

Manager still assigning 5hour shift to me and siao chen. I feel like screaming at her:" GIVE ME 7 HOUR SHIFTS YOU OLD HAG!!!!!!!!!!!! I TAKE STUPID BUS WHICH COST ME 80CENTS EACH TRIP ONLY TO WORK FOR 5 HOURS!!!!!" But i can't cause she is quite nice to me T-T

I think that the manager maybe have some kind of prejudis against me also. I don't think i've ever had a decent conversation with her also. Maybe that's because i feel intimidated by her since she seem to prefer talking in mandarin but my mandarin sucks. Why!!!??