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4:59 pm
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Damn hong leong bank!!!

I went to open a junior savings acc and i ended up walking to and fro my house and their bank 5 times!!!
1st time- went to just check on the stuff required for opening an acc. took form
2nd time- brought ic, forgot cheque
3rd time- brought ic, brought cheque, forgot RM20 which is needed to open a bloody acc
4th time- brought rm20++, brought cheque forgot ic
5th time- finally done

hahaha... and i checked their website yesterday... apparantly they changed the ruling so now junior accounts can be open with only rm1.

Anyway, open an account in the end and i have rm700 now :)
Will be getting the next pay check soon :D on jan 1. But this one wouldn's be so much cause i mostly work 5 hours only T_T

But next week, for the first time, i'll be working a 9 hour shift. Dunno if it's good or bad. Good cause more $$, Bad cause more work to be done.
And i found out i wouldn't be working on the 17 of dec T_T No double pay for me...

And i seem to repel a lot of people... is it because i am too quiet? or because i seem fierce and angry?? or maybe cause i seem to be always busy?
Cause there is this boy in our workplace where he is very talkative. But whenever he's working only with me and another untalkative girl, he becomes a mouse... The other girl also don't talk to me T_T
Am i too blur??

Ah well... most probably won't be seeing them anymore after this so i shouldn't really care what they think abt me and vice versa. Which reminds me... i won't be seeing most of my classmates and schoolmates after next year. Which is quite sad cause i'll certainly miss some of them ;_;