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4:36 pm
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As everybody knows, i'm working in BreadStory. Working there is alright, except there are a few pros and cons

Free bread
Friendly staff
Quite busy = not boring
meet new ppl everyday
Got Siao Chen as teman there

Have to take a bus nearly everyday (rm1 fly a way T_T)
Speaking Chinese
Quite little pay compared to the amount of work we do
Shift time change so much. Why can't they just do like secret recipe?? Have a permanent shift time!

Anywayyyy....... i can't really rate the overall score for working in breadsotry since this is my first part time job.
But i think it'll get 3.5 out of 5 stars

Yay... i love my ugly stars

I've been away from here cause I've actually started a new blog in msn spaces. But i returned here cause msn don't allow us to share pics in our blogs (i think) And i can't post my ugly drawings T_T
So, blogger- You rock!