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I'm back!
6:46 pm
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After nearly a year without blogging, I'm finally am bored enough to post another entry!

But i'm so freakin tired!!! So this is the summary of the year:

My finals sux
I hate Fang for beating my position.
I have lost my room to my little brother
I still dunno what to become
I enjoy my class although there are a few ppl I have not spoken more than 4 sentences (in a row) to.
I might be assistant head librarian next year.
Pn Sang is no longer our library teacher
Our group lost the NIE newspaper competition to a bunch of $@$@#$ in some Klang school!!! (i admit i am jealous! and also pissed)
My brain is rusting
My sis will be back from Melb on the 10th of December
I have a part time job at Breadstory, pyramid with my friend, Siao Chen.
I really like some of my co-workers there.
I hate job hunting
Currently watching too many series- Numb3rs, Desperate Housewife, various anime, My name is Earl, Scrubs, Simpsons, Family Guy, Supernatural, Invasion.... etc
My BM teacher and physics teacher are boring. My English teacher is sooooo anoying.
Yeen Yee is going to Japan next month.
Bon Odori this year quite cacated.
My japanese has become from bad to worse = MUST BRUSH UP!!!!!!!1
Never gotten any cert this year
Am yearning to read the Da Vinci Code.

That's all... can't think of anything else.
Will post more in the following days