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pmr blues
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I want to go back into the past and resit (i don't care if they give me a whole new set of qw) So many mistakes... in a short span of 1 week...
Anyway, the summary of the week

Day 1: BM 1 and 2
went to school meet up with friends and started rushing through Raja Bersiung (the bm paper testgot lots of soalan bocor unfortunately....) Then we were called to assembly and the ritual daily praying was done... Everybody was like " i'm so scared!!!!" or "omg.. i'm gonna die"
strangely i was quite calm.... but anyway, we got started and the horror begun...
First of all, sastera part was very tricky (especially the sajak) but tatabahasa was worse...
i made 2 mistakes in the first part (dang juruulas and untai!!!) then another 2 mistakes in the second part (why!!!!!!!! careless!!!!!!!!)
Everything was a mess i didn't have enough time to check (why!!!!)
the we had a break...
After that there was another paper, bm2.
kinda okay.... (can eating healthy make your life longer?)
had time to check
and i forgot to mention, our pengawas was a teacher from SMSU (pn saleha (dyed hair) and another was mrs/miss shirely (another dyed hair teacher (blonde!!))
Me and my friends was a bit suprised to see 2 teachers dyed their hair... (teladan yang buruk kpd murid-murid) another guy was a teacher from taman megat
Our own teacher (pn jamilah)went to smsu
Went home and did the worse thing ever... check to see if my answers were correct
my sprit practically died that day
then after that crammed in some literature facts and sains

to be continued....