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Jap test
5:29 pm
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Hohoho... today I woke up at 10:00. Watch alias and an array of programs till I forgot all about my Jap test. I had to cram in everything I learnt in 33 months in 2 hours... It gave me a major headache which I cured by taking 100+
Then I went and take the test. As expected I didn't know quite alot of kanji and words so didn't answer some.
Besides that, there was this big crowd of Jap ppl suddenly came into the centre and aome of them sat in front of me. Feeling very intimidated I couldn't concentrate at all... sat there for 1 hour till I gave up. They keep talking and sometimes I suspected they were talking about me (or that I'm overly sensitive.. cause they were saying like "wakaisou ne" "nihon go wa chotto jozu ne" or something like that.)
That banished my thought of simply answering the questuons because I was imagining their startled faces if I answer something like:
the kanji (chinese characters) shows a name of a teacher
I put there:
Chicken and fish

will be quite stupid... + I don't think my own teacher will be marking since she's leaving for Japan sometime soon.

Anyway, decided to continue...
and I have a new teacher. Her name: Takayama sensei
She's quite small sized (compared to akiko (my previous teacher)) and quite formal too (not to say strict..)
She was also a high school teacher teaching Japanese somewhere in the Marshall island 1 year before (i think)
and she only stayed here for 6 months (akiko: 2 and a half.... maybe it's about time she returned)
anyway... i'm quite sleepy.. have to sleep soon