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Friends...such a problem
9:42 am
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Today I went to school which was a mistake. It was soooo boring...
The counselor went on and on yapping about which stream we could go to from the time we came to school till 2 hours before we went back.
So, we can choose 5 stream
a) pure science
b) accountings
c) Literature
d) Arts
e) Catering

Most probably gonna choose pure science with accountings as the 2nd choice
Siao Chen seems to be very worried about this thing and BB was like "tidak apa" mood since she made her choice already since she applied for MRSM

Su Yen, Siao Chen, BB and me are planning to go to Times Square but have so many problems.
First of all, BB is going to start to puasa from this Fri to next month
Su Yen doesn't want to skip any school days 'cause she want her 100% attendence certificate (don't ask me why she wants that sijil)
And she also said that her grandma is going down to Singapure next month (near Hari Raya) 'cause her aunty is going to give birth which means Su Yen has to take care of her baby bro (and her grandma is going down for 100 days!!!). So if BB can't go, Su Yen can. If Su Yen can't BB can...
Got headache trying to plan this out. I also still have to ask Yeen Yee and Yik Meng if they wanna come
Yeen Yee I can just email her but Yik Meng I feel soooo awkward talking to her....
And they (the whole gang in school) want to go to Yik Meng's house. And I'm responsible for calling her... I feel super awkward now. (maybe cause i lost contact with her since dunno when... now i've to call her....)

And I've to study for my Japanese exam which is quite hard... very san fu...
But I'm not going to school till Thursday so I got 2 whole days to brush up my Jap