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day 2 + others
4:03 am
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i just realise i go on yapping about competely nothing... cheers to that
BI was fine except for bi 2 . Did the 3rd than the 2nd but ran out of time for the 1st. Had so much to write and only 15 minuts left. I went cold... yes i guess the blood was drained from me cause after that my legs felt like jelly and i couldn't even write properly. My hands were shaking (Serious attack of panic)
Put my pen down and took a deep breath + drank some water. Felt much better and continued...
The next time i have an exam i'll plan out the time T-T

sains and geo
sains paper 1 was quite easy but paper 2 killed nearly everyone. They called us to draw. In all the other test we had (including gerak gempur set by the @#@#$%#$ MINISTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!) WE NVR EVER HAD TO DRAW ANYTHING!!! This made me so pissed off... + stupid kitar karbon thingy.Perana tumbuhan dalam kitar karbon HANYA adalah untuk menjalankan fotosintesis FULL STOP!!!
Made a lot of careless mistakes...
Geo was okay... luckily i studied

sej and maths
maths was okay except for the common 1 or 2 careless mistakes. We came late for paper 2 (busy talking to teacher...) but luckily it was only 1 or 2 minutes late (thank god for that) when we were halfway talking to the teacher (in staff room) about one particular stupid qw, i realise nobody was outside and unusually quiet... bb said it started at 10;15 but we rushed back cause we know we had to get there earlier. Luckily we did that too. But i forgot to bring in my liquid so the paper was a mess (sorry to who ever is marking my paper !!!)
sej had a few tough qw but overrall it's a balance paper

Last day
Was so lazy to study.. conteng in sketch book and do some other stupid stuff. For that i was punish by staying up till 1:30 just to finish studying. Luckily i did that too...
Finally when it was all over the teachers shooed us to go home (bad experience?) Anyway a few boys got caught and i think one of then was an ex-classmate
They came out of the hall early and lighted a few fire crackers. Than one of the joker ran round the hall shouting merdeka (this is all according to my friend.. i had the exam in the classroom but i did here the firecracker (i thought got car accident))
Another friend said they also smoked behind the hall. I guess that is what made them hand over to the police
Went back and did nothing

I feel depressed for what ever reason maybe it's mr or maybe cause i find it hard to make friends... loneliness kills. I feel so left out eventhough i join them. chat with them, give them my opinions but nobody bothers. Then i think again. Why am i even in this? Why should i go on drawing? It makes me feel quite sad...
Or maybe it's because i have a jap exam coming up?